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Bankruptcy With John Gist Means Working With A Personable, Caring, Competent Attorney

Attorney John Gist has protected consumers and their families using the power of bankruptcy for more than 13 years. He is most dedicated to preserving his clients’ dignity while protecting their hard-earned wages and other property from creditors. Filing for bankruptcy is a very important and intensely personal decision. It is his honor to educate his clients about their options in a helpful, low-pressure manner. John provides a generous one-hour free consultation to be sure his clients are aware of all options and costs.

Committed to helping you through hard times ...

John Gist is a very experienced and respected local attorney, who is committed to providing each of his clients with the legal advice necessary to help them understand the options available, and to take full advantage of the protections provided by law.

Filing for bankruptcy protection can be complicated and emotional. Important decisions lie in front of the consumer or small businessperson considering bankruptcy, such as whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13; which exemptions to choose to ensure your home, car, and other belongings are protected in the bankruptcy process; plus many other issues that can make it very difficult, even dangerous to properly prepare your case. The most important decision you can make is to choose a competent, compassionate attorney to identify critical issues in your case in advance, to work with you to legally deal with problems before your case is ever filed.

You don't want to hire an attorney from Los Angeles or the Bay Area, whom you will never meet face to face. Such attorneys send inexperienced lawyers who are unfamiliar with your case to represent you. They have to call out your name to find you in the courtroom. John Gist will know you very well, and will recognize you, and you will find his familiar face a welcome sight in court! He will be with you from start to finish.
You also don't want an attorney that simply gives you a questionnaire and leaves you on your own to answer the same questions that will end up in your bankruptcy papers. That is like self-help service, and you probably do not understand bankruptcy well enough to properly answer such questions. You need an attorney who will walk you through the process from the beginning, helping you understand why the information is important, and doing all of the legal work for you. You need only provide specific information that you can readily get your hands on. Call Attorney John Gist, today, to talk to a Fresno/Clovis bankruptcy attorney.

Remember, we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and after hours appointments. We give every client personal, one-on-one service. You would expect to pay more, yet our rates are very competitive with law firms that give you mere moments with the attorney and then turn you over to secretaries and paralegals. Affordable payment options are also available for our bankruptcy clients, because money is the last thing you should worry about right now. You can look forward to a much brighter future, as soon as you call John Gist at (559)222-7372.

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